PACOLI EVENING Self-reliance day event at Long Island.

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Long Island, New York City,

The Pakistan Independence Day vivid event prepared by PACOLI at local park of Long Island. Program begins with recitation of Holy Quran. American as well as Pakistani nationwide anthems were carried out.

Countless Pakistani neighborhood members signed up with Self-reliance Day celebrations with complete passion as well as appreciated the plans.

Children as well as seniors deal with repainted with Pakistani flag as well as children’s waves Pakistani flag. There was a lot of enjoyment at the event. Bashir Qamar, PACOLI patron chief, praised the collaborations of group PACOLI for such a vivid plans of the events.

While chatting with VOSA Tv, PACOLI authorities stated that “We wait for this program round the year and currently our joy is incredible”.

Pakistani vocalists Sadia Malik, Ataullah Khan Essa Khailvi’s boy Sanwal Essa Khailvi, Amna Inam and Junaid Younis did there finest nationwide tunes on Self-reliance Day festival. Participants took pleasure in a whole lot on music beats.

Range of clothing as well as fashion jewelry stalls arrangement in the festival. Females and ladies were hectic in bargains for sophisticated styles as well as matching fashion jewelry.

American authorities likewise attended Pakistan’s Self-reliance Day parties. According to authorities, Group PACOLI strove day and night for this vibrant occasion as well as this is remarkable.

Participants took Selfies on stage at Pakistan Freedom day Festival and also chanted slogans “Long online Pakistan”.

A parody play was also done in Muhammad Ali Jinnah getup. The purpose of the play is to highlights the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam, Jinnah’s separate homeland.

At last, US authorities disperse recognition certifications to PACOLI team and applauded their services provide to different areas in US.