My Karachi Overseas Pakistanis, United States based began philanthropic activities.

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New York City, Karachi-based Pakistanis organization particularly My Karachi Overseas Pakistanis, based in USA, has begun its philanthropic activities in the city of Quaid at the

beginning of Ramadan. Volunteers from the company distributed assignments door to door in different locations.

My Karachi Overseas Pakistanis elevated funds to assist those in need in Karachi with donations from the Pakistani American neighborhood annually as well as this year as well, on the occasion of Ramadan, the young people of the company dispersed distributions in different areas of the city. Distribution bags consist of flour, sugar, as well as different sorts of pulses, rice, ghee, syrup container, days, container, salt, various spices and soybeans. Volunteers of the organization state that whether it is Corona or Ramadan, my Karachi Overseas Pakistanis are always attempting to help those in requirement in challenging times. It is our task to help each other in hard times and also this charity is recurring.