Manuscript on African history at King Abdul Aziz Public Library in Riyadh.

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Zaka Mohsin, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz Town Library in Riyadh preserves the globe’s only manuscript on African background. The manuscript division of the KAPL developed in 1988. Ever since, it has actually been gathering uncommon manuscripts for the preservation

of Arab Islamic heritage as well as giving opportunities for scholars and also manuscript researchers to use. The manuscript achieved by noticeable historian and writer Ibrahim bin Al-Qasim Al-Qirawani.

He passed away in 425 AH as well as is called Ibn Raqiq. According to the King Abdul Aziz Public Library, the manuscript dated the beginning of the 7th century AH-After Hijrah. Several of its inscriptions are in gold and others remain in blue pigments.

The initial and last component of this manuscript was lost. Some of its web pages have actually been eaten by termites, making it illegible, some of its expressions and also sentences. It is written in Andalusian script. The modified variation has footnote modifications and comments in simple language.

This manuscript is an important reference in the history of Africa. It describes the start of the Islamic conquests by Aqaba ibn Nafi ‘, the facility of the city of Al-Qairawan, the history of the occupations by Zuhair ibn al-Balwi as well as Hassan ibn Nu’man and Musa ibn Nasir. In the future, after these vital occasions likewise stated in history.

Ibrahim ibn al-Qasim was a chronicler and writer of Qirwan. He was the writer of numerous books.He moved to Egypt in 388 AH and also after that they went to Al-Qirawan. Rumor that he dies in al-Qairawan. Ibn Khaldun discusses him in his situation with excellent regard.