Ice creams and sugary foods are not the only reason for diabetes

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VosaTv program wellness talk, wellness specialist Gauri Junnarkar clarified the threat elements of diabetic issues and also misconceptions associated with it.

According to Junnarkar, genes, bad diet plan, unsanitary lifestyle and also stress and anxiety are the main aspects for diabetes.

Relating to the question concerning misconceptions and mistaken beliefs, Junnarkar claimed that consuming desserts and also ice creams can’t be the only factor for diabetes mellitus. In addition to an unbalanced diet plan, weight problems, undesirable way of life, genes and stress are the major risk elements for diabetes.

In a query, concerning the symptoms of diabetic issues as well as the lasting issues of without treatment diabetic issues, Junnarkar demanded an annual physical checkup that can determine diabetic issues in the first stages.

If diabetics issues will stay untreated it has a long-lasting impact on internal body organs. It can impact on eyes, nerves, kidneys, or heart. If it affects organs like the heart or kidney, mainly that can not be dealt with or turned around back.