Healthy 18 to 65 citizens enabled to carry out Hajj, Ministry Hajj as well as Umrah.

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Riyadh, KSA, The Ministry of Hajj and also Umrah has introduced that due to pandemic, just 60,000 citizens will be enabled to do Hajj this year, while just those living in Saudi Arabia will certainly have the ability to carry out Hajj.

A statement released by the Ministry of Hajj as well as Umrah stated that the explorers in between the ages of 18 and 65 who are healthy and do not suffer from any kind of irreversible disease will certainly be allowed to execute Hajj, according to Saudi media. Those that vaccinated 14 days in advance will additionally be enabled to perform Hajj.

The security of Hajj pilgrims is a leading concern for the Saudi federal government, and Islamic law also showed the security and also security of human lives. These measures have been taken in view of the fears of spreading an international pandemic because of huge groups throughout Hajj.

In 2015, only 10,000 pilgrims were allowed to do the Hajj, consisting of 30 percent Saudis and also 70 percent expatriates lived in Saudi Arabia.