Greater than 200,000 containers and glasses of Zamzam disperses daily during Ramadhan.

Info seputar HK Hari Ini 2020 – 2021.

Zaka Mohsin, Makkah, Individuals who pertain to the Mosque al-Haram with wishes to visit your home of Allah,”

Kaabah “additionally wish to drink Zamzam water. Throughout Ramadan, unique setups are made to supply Zam water to thousands

of explorers from Iftar to Sahr. According to the administration of Masjid-e-Haram, thousands of containers of Zam water are dispersed in various parts of the mosque, special setups are made to give Zam water to the worshipers and the slaves of the mosque provide Zam water to the worshipers.

According to the mosque’s monitoring, greater than 200,000 bottles and glasses of Zamzam water are dispersed daily during the month of Ramadhan.