Google Doodle Championship starts with Olympics

Bonus harian di Keluaran SGP 2020 – 2021.


With the start of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Google has altered its doodle on the homepage as well as released the “Champions Island Gamings” which can be played online. This doodle championship will certainly last for a week.

These are 16-bit computer game established in cooperation with the Japanese animation firm Workshop 4 ° C. All the video games in this champion contain the video games played in the Olympics, while each game highlights the Japanese landscape, society, people, and society.

The main personality of these games is a ninja cat called “Calico” which is regulated by the customer himself. The champion has an overall of 7 tiny on the internet games, consisting of skate boarding, table tennis, and also wall surface climbing, each of which has a “legendary champ” that can just be defeated by winning the final stage.

The games are prepared like an anime film in which “Calico” ninja feline shows up on an island where the sporting activities championship is being held. Calico competes in the very same championship. Like the doodle video games created in the past, these games can only be played online in the web browser.