APL opening ceremony held today at Yogi Berra Stadium.

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New Jersey, US,

The hours of waiting are over. The opening ceremony of the American Premier League is taking place today at Yogi Berra Stadium. Several teams will be competing in the league. The most important match of the event will be played between Pakistan and India.Pakistani-American singer Sher Jan Ahmed and renowned Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor will perform. In the press meet, Shazia Manzoor, Tesher and Sher Jan Ahmed have appealed to cricket fans to come to Yogi Berra Stadium today. The singers were also served jalebi and samosas at the press meet. Tesher, who gained fame from Jalebi Baby, told everyone to eat Jalebi.J Mir, chief executive of the APL, said that APL would play an important role in the promotion of cricket in the US. Mir added that we are all from Southeast Asia, at their Indians Pakistanis cricket is in our blood and for very long time we have figured why cricket is not clicking? this is our moment, let show America; what cricket is all about.President Asif Jamal said APL has brought a revolution in the cricket diaspora this is unifying every one, this is connecting the community. Jamal also appealed to attend the opening ceremony at Yogi Berra Stadium at 7 pm.Pakistani team owner Muhammad Ali, Indian team owner Sam Singh and English team owner Victoria were also present at the press meet.At last, participants also posed for pictures with the artists.